Current views in healthcare have recognized the association between the mind/body connection.  More recently, the spiritual component has been acknowledged with regards to how prayer and meditation may benefit the physical and psychological well-being of patients.  Now, there is a movement towards understanding how creative expression may play a role in a person's healing process and overall sense of well-being. 

The Scientific Arts Foundation is committed to developing studies which explore the benefits of creative expression both from the artist/creator's perspective and from the recipient/observer's perspective.

What is 'Creative Expression'?

Creative - 1. creating or able to create.  2. inventive  3. stimulating the inventive powers.

Create - 1. to cause to come into existence; make; originate  2. to bring about; give rise to; cause

Expression - 1. a putting into words; stating  2. a manner of expressing, esp. with eloquence  3. a particular word or phrase  4. a showing of feeling, character, etc.  5. a look, intonation, etc. that conveys meaning  6. a mathematical symbol or symbols

Expressionism - 1. a movement in art, literature, etc. seeking to give symbolic, objective expression to inner experience

The motivating philosophy of the Scientific Arts Foundation is that everyone has a gift to share with the world...something they love to do.  It may be expressed through music, dance, drawing, fine art, poetry, sewing, gardening, listening to others, teaching, etc.  The form does not matter...what is important is that it is recognized, expressed and shared...even if it's with one's self. 

Our  theory is if a person does not do the things they love to do and these gifts (which are actually vibrations held within our bodies) are not expressed, they become the seeds of anxiety, stress, worry, fear, agitation and ultimately dis-ease.  As we connect with that which we love, our physical bodies are energized, our emotional state is uplifted, our spiritual connection is strengthened, our mental capacities become clearer and our creative expression is released and shared.

In otherwords...we each have something inside of us that only we can share with the world.  If we choose not to find it, acknowledge it, embrace it, express it and share it, then the world will never have the opportunity to experience it.   As we begin to share what we love with others, we create the opportunity for others to open and connect to that space within themselves where their gift resides.  

As each expression is shared, the artist/creator becomes more balanced and the recipient (observer) of the expression also benefits.

And the circle more about 'how' this all works under Common Communication.