The Scientific Arts Foundation was founded by Amy Camie as a natural outgrowth of pilot study research being conducted with her harp music. 

Amy recorded a solo harp CD for her father to use after prostate cancer surgery to help him relax.  As she began sharing the CD with others, amazing stories followed as to how people were using the music. 

(for more information visit: www.amycamie.com )

When William Collins, Ph.D heard these stories, he was intrigued and offered to conduct a pilot study to explore what was happening to the brainwaves of people as they listened to this music.  The results indicated a state of relaxation was achieved in only 4 minutes.  Visit Research for details.

They hypothesized that if the music could relax and calm the brain in 4 minutes, perhaps it could have a positive impact on the immune system by supporting its natural internal healing processes.

Dr. Collins developed a larger scientific study for 90 newly diagnosed breast cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy.  After several attemps to work with local cancer centers, it became clear that an independent entity needed to be formed that could develop, fund and implement forward-thinking studies exploring the value of creative processes...not just music...but all forms of creative expression.

The Scientific Arts Foundation was founded in 2002 and is a 501 (c)3 nonprofit organization.  They have authored a scientifically sound, mulitsite wholistic clinical study exploring the impact of two relaxation CDs on stress factors in adult cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy treatment for cancer.   Visit Clinical Research Summary page for more information.

The Scientific Arts Foundation also sponsored Awaken to YourSelf, a radio program offering ways to improve, enhance and enrich the quality of your life that was on-air between March - September, 2006.

Workshops and Presentations are offered through the Scientific Arts Foundation to area hospitals and community groups/organizations. Visit Community Outreach for more information.

The Board of Directors and Advisors include:

Amy Camie - Executive Director, Professional harpist/recording artist
Scott Hunt - Legal Advisor, Attorney at Law
Mary Autrey - Chief Operations Officer,  Occupational Therapist

Susan Schulte, D.Sc. - Director of Community Outreach Programs,
Wellness Program Coordinator at St. Anthony's Medical Center
Toni Grossenheider, D.C. - Educational Research Liaison,

Health Center Clinician, Logan College of Chiropractic
William Hoffman - Not-for Profit Agency Professional
Asif Anwar, MD.,MS. -Research Development, Pulmonary & Critical Care, Internal Medicine, Sports Medicine and Cardiovascular Rehabilitation with extensive research experience


The Scientific Arts Foundation is establishing relationships with medical physicians, chiropractors, therapists, holistic practitioners, artists, and other experts to further develop and implement studies which will add to the body of research supporting creative expression as a valuable and necessary component to an individual's quality of life and sense of well-being.