The Scientific Arts Foundation is committed to developing and implementing innovative, insightful and visionary research that examines how creative expression impacts the artist/creator and the recipient/observer.

Here are links summarizing studies developed to date:

First Pilot Study with New Love solo harp CD - shown to induce a state of relaxation in 4 minutes by increasing the alpha wave and decreasing the beta wave frequencies in the brain.

Second Pilot Study with The Magic Mirror-Inspired Reflections solo harp CD - shown to have a direct positive impact on neurological functioning after listening once a day for 10 days.

Saliva Pilot Study with The Magic Mirror-Inspired Reflections-indicated a sustained impact on immune system biomarkers.

Clinical Study - A Randomized Study of the Effects of Two Relaxation Music CDs on Stress Factors in Adult Cancer Patients Receiving Chemotherapy Treatment for Cancer 
This study is:

Medically approved by St. John's Mercy Medical Center's Institutional Review Board, St. Louis, Missouri (August 2007 approval);

Scientifically Based: with neurological, biological, psychological, environmental and quality of life measurements;

Wholistic: Questionnaires address the whole person - their belief system, perceived support systems, sleep patterns, musical preference and more - this study looks at the whole person as a human being, not a particular gender or cancer type

and has a Protocol Design that can be duplicated with a variety of patient populations.

This Research Protocol is now available for review by institutions interested in funding and implementing this study.  Contact:

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NEW UPDATE as of January 2010: 
The Scientific Arts Foundation is looking for researchers interested in replicating Dr. Collins' QEEG brainwave pilot study.The goal is to minimize the stressful side effects of chemotherapy, which includes frustrating mental confusion, through the use of specific music (The Magic Mirror) that has already been shown to increase cognitive functioning in four women undergoing chemotherapy treatment. 

"If we can replicate this in a larger study it will have tremendous impact on cancer, cancer treatment, cancer research, cancer outcome, because what this pilot study is showing is the exact opposite of what you'd expect to see after a regiment of chemotherapy. I want to emphasize this point because it's critical - normal treatment of chemotherapy would result in a decrease in cognitive functions. We are seeing no decrease, we're in fact seeing an increase in cognitive processing.  So again, when you're looking at Quantitative EEG, they're actually improving."
William Collins, PhD
Reintegrative Health Institute 
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Note: There have been several other pilot studies conducted with Amy Camie's music. 
Please visit Amy Camie's website for a detailed listing.