Video-Science Cafe Event

Members of the Scientific Arts Foundation research team present pilot study information that led to the development of our medically approved holistic clinical trial exploring the impact of specific music on stress factors in adults receiving chemotherapy treatment for cancer.

With special thanks to the St. Louis Science Center for hosting this event and Rick Vaughn for video taping and editing this segment.

Scientific Arts Foundation - Science Cafe Event

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UPDATE:  The Scientific Arts Foundation is looking for researchers interested in replicating Dr. Collins' QEEG brainwave pilot study. The goal is to minimize the stressful side effects of chemotherapy, which includes frustrating mental confusion, through the use of specific music (The Magic Mirror) that has already been shown to increase cognitive functioning in four women undergoing chemotherapy treatment.  

If we can replicate this in a larger study it will have tremendous impact on cancer, cancer treatment, cancer research, cancer outcome, because what this pilot study is showing is the exact opposite of what you'd expect to see after a regiment of chemotherapy. I want to emphasize this point because it's critical - normal treatment of chemotherapy would result in a decrease in cognitive functions. We are seeing no decrease, we're in fact seeing an increase in cognitive processing.  So again, when you're looking at Quantitative EEG, they're actually improving.
William Collins, PhD
Reintegrative Health Institute 
Video statement from Science Cafe

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